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Mesh Related Solutions

When mesh failure occurs, it causes great distress for so many women. We approach this problem with compassion and understanding.

After mesh failure is confirmed, the least invasive treatment is usually attempted first. The treatment options can vary greatly depending on the location and severity of the damage:

Treatment for Mesh Erosion:

  • Estrogen cream application to promote healing and blood flow
  • Re-sewing or replacing stitches
  • Trimming exposed vaginal mesh and re-sewing remaining mesh
  • Surgical or laser removal of mesh from vagina or surrounding organs
  • Removal of scar tissue if necessary
  • Vaginal packing with absorbent materials to minimize bleeding
  • Antibiotic therapy for current or potential infection

Treatment for Mesh Perforation:

  • Partial or complete removal of the mesh from any damaged organs
  • Surgical repair of the damaged bladder, urethra or bowel
  • Removal of scar tissue as needed
  • Drainage of pus or of other abnormal fluids
  • Antibiotic therapy for current or potential infection

Transvaginal mesh removal surgery is a delicate and tedious procedure. Several attempts may be necessary to completely remove the mesh, as tissue and nerves tend to grow in and through it. After the eroded mesh is completely removed, our surgeons are trained to deal with potential consequences of recurrent prolapse.

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