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Our Team

Meet our Team of Experienced Providers

We are dedicated to providing compassionate and quality urologic care.

1322Our Team
Dr. Meagan Cramer Urogynecologist 205-445-0180 Read Bio
174Our Team
Dr. Nicole Massie Urologist/Urogynecologist 205-445-0180 Read Bio
895Our Team
Dr. Ali Pickering Urogynecologist 205-795-0084 Read Bio
184Our Team
Dr. Paula Rookis Urologist 205-414-4466 Read Bio
1373Our Team
Ali Wren, FNP-C 205-795-0084 Read Bio

Meet Our Support Staff

Melanie Wiggs
Melanie Wiggs Homewood Plaza Manager 205-445-0161
Nicole Doss
Nicole Doss Secretary 205-445-0180
Tracey Leavins
Tracey Leavins Secretary 205-414-4466
Nyshia Odom
Nyshia Odom Secretary 205-795-0084

Our support staff is attentive, friendly and efficient. Need more assistance?  Meet the entire Urology Centers of Alabama team.

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